Saturday, March 24, 2012

G'day! I'm back home!!

Hi everyone!

I'm back home from holidaying in Hawaii! We had a blast and I definitely shopped up a storm...Ben thinks I supported the Hawaiian economy single-handedly with my shopping (haha). The main thing is that I had fun while doing it...

This was my fourth trip overseas (three to the USA and once to Canada) and I'm still surprised with how cheap everything is!! I mainly purchased cosmetics, skincare, hair products, nail items and clothes, and I'm so happy with all of my purchases :) Since we had no food in the house, we went grocery shopping this morning and Ben tried steering me away from the cosmetic/skincare/haircare aisle (since I bought up BIG in Hawaii), but I wanted to show him how much I saved from buying my things overseas. For example, a foundation I bought cost me US$8, at my local supermarket it was priced at AU$22! Another example is a cleanser I purchased for US$11, was priced at AU$35! I could keep going but I think you get the idea!

I found that most products were at least half the cost in Hawaii, if not more! I would love to hear if you've had similar experiences when travelling!


  1. I would do absolutely the same thing as you K, go a bit shopping-crazy! Those prices are just too good to pass up!! Can't wait to see everything you got, maybe a haul video? What new sightseeing did you & Ben do? :) xx

  2. do some haul videos!!! miss your videos :(

  3. Only knowing US prices, I have always felt like $8 for nail polish is so expensive (something I tend to live with because it supports my addiction!), but I think now I might look at prices a little differently :)