Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another BIG nail polish haul + nail polish storage dilemma!

I feel that the heading gave away the point of this post, but it was going to be obvious sooner or later...

Ben and I travelled to Hawaii in March for three weeks! Amongst the island hopping, zip lining, ATV-ing, horse riding, swimming at the beach, hiking, driving and relaxing, I may have found time to do some shopping...only a little, of course! (Did anybody else believe that last sentence?...)

If you've checked out my YouTube channel lately, I filmed a series of videos entitled 'Hawaii Haul Series' (original I know!) and I'm slowly posting them as I get the chance to edit them. My latest video to be uploaded was my nail polish haul!

Now, I didn't buy as many nail polishes as I did in Canada last year, however, I bought enough that my current nail polish storage has become pointless. I trawled through blogs, websites and YouTube to find something or anything to fix my dilemma, and I found it! The chance to use my handyman (or handywoman) skills...

My lovely husband did offer to help me though, and I wasn't going to refuse! Between the two of us, we've built a beautiful wooden shelf that houses all of my nail polishes! I'm still in the process of organising my collection and reorganising my desk shelf (where my current nail racks are). I was planning on making a video of how we built my shelf, so keep your eyes open!

I would love to hear how you store your nail polishes! If you haven't seen my haul video, jump on over to have a peek!

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