Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Favourite: Base/Top Coat Polishes!

For a while now, I've been using the same top coat and love it! I haven't seen it for sale in Australia, but I discovered it when my overseas friend sent me a bottle, and when I go overseas, I stock up!

My favourite top coat is INM Out The Door Super Fast Drying Top Coat! It dries my nail polish quicker than other brands I've tested (which claim the same statement about being fast drying!). The only thing that can get frustrating is if the top coat is applied too thickly, it bubbles...

As for base coat, I'm not as fussy - I'll try anything I can get my hands on! Currently, I'm liking L.A. Colors Triple Play (Base/Top/Hardener in one). It dries quick, is smooth to apply and has three benefits!!

I'd love to hear your favourite base/top coats!


  1. I really love the Sally Hansen Nail Thickener/Strengthener's to use a a base coat. Then I not only get protected from yellow nails, but it helps to make my nails stronger

    1. Sally Hansen do have good base coats :)