Monday, April 1, 2013

Ouch... + rockin' nails!

Well, my plan of filming videos today went out the window due to accidental self-inflicted pain!

While I was applying my makeup on Saturday morning, I accidentally poked myself in my eye with my eyeliner about pain! Due to Easter, the doctor clinic was closed, but I made an appointment for this morning.

Long story short, I've got to take eye drops for a week, then head back in to get an eye test - so fingers crossed...

My eye has been swollen and blood shot, and I haven't been able to open my eye properly, I've been in a state of squinting for two days, hence the lack of videos...

But let me know what you'd like to see, and I'll work on filming that next time.

Here's a photo of my nails that I'm rocking at the moment - I love them!

Blue themed nails - which is your favourite?


  1. LOVE IT !! Sorry about your eye. Hope to see videos up shortly

    1. Thanks! Eye appointment is made, hopefully will be sorted by then :) Thanks for commenting!!

  2. whats in my purse video, hauls, nail tutorials. miss your videos!! hope your eye is ok