Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Do-it-yourself manicures - easy and elegant!

I've gotten into a habit of taking photos of ALL my nail looks that I do - even if it's just painting my nails one colour (like a normal person lol!). I've decided to do this so I have a record of what colours look like with my skin tone, as well as to look back and add/change to the I thought I'd share some of these looks with you, they are so easy to do, and look great!

#1 Polka dots
I love, love, LOVE my dotting tool (well now I have more than one!).

#2 Nfu Oh 'Flakies'
These 'flakies' add that bit of 'jazz' to any polish!

#3 Different French Manicures
 I love French manicures, so creating different looks by using different colours and adding a little glitter or rhinestones is perfect!

#4 Glitter
Whether it's glitter polish or nail art glitter, I love using them to create some depth to a look!


  1. That green Nfu-oh is sooo Christmas-y!! I love it. You know how I feel about those polka dots. That Piggy Polish is so pretty. How's the lasting power?

  2. Love this post K! You always have the best nail ideas :D Love the polka dots as always, especially the purple combo! The red tips with black/silver are so pretty too!